Why do we only sell local online?

By restricting our online sales to only our local market and existing customer base, we can offer our online customers benefits and experience that no other online retailer can.

Local Shopping Convenience

Our online purchasing is for providing a value added convenience to our existing customer base and local market shoppers to be able to purchase from the comfort of your own home so we have it ready for you to quickly pickup in-store,  or even better, try out our home delivery service! 


By selling online only to our local market, we are able to look after you far beyond just the point of purchase. We believe in servicing what we sell so you are not left at your own device if an issue was ever to occur.  We have a service team that can help you with any need or problem and have the ability to get to you regardless if you bought in-store or online!

Installation Option

We are one of "VERY FEW" online retailers that provide you the option of purchasing installation service at the time of buying your products online. With any other online retailer, when the product shows up, it's your problem, along with all the warranty stipulations that get voided if you do something wrong during installation.  Not the headache we want our customers dealing with!  We provide our customers a turn key option from start to finish, regardless if bought in-store or online. Something we can only do by restricting to online selling. 

Top Quality

We can't compete nationally as we won't sacrifice the quality you have grown to expect from us. Unfortunately, online purchasing eliminates the personal human connection from a shopping experience. It cannot provide that same gut feeling of trust you get from a face to face interaction when you are inside a store talking to real people during a buying process.  Because of that, purchasing online often resorts to nothing more than the lowest price. As a result, most online retailers are forced into flogging cheap products at the cheapest price to be able to compete.  If you look at the majority of online product sales in almost any retail industry, you will notice a lot of it is made up of lower end lines and models at a cheap price point!  

"A business model we are not interested in"  We believe in only selling top quality products, regardless if purchased in-store or online. We vet our product lines and even the models within those product lines very carefully to ensure we can stand behind the products we sell and ensure our customers are buying the reliability and getting the enjoyment they are expecting.  You're not buying only a product, your also buying a peace of mind. 

Built in Subscription Services (Coming soon)

Nothing worse that running out of pool or hot tub water treatment products when you need them most! Or how about when you know you need to replace that filter cartridge every 3 months but never seem to have the time to go get it or forget to get it? We are currently working on the development of a repeat purchase subscription system that will allow you to setup orders and to repeat those orders at the frequency that you set. We can have it in the store ready for you to pickup at the counter or we can home delivery it to your door step!